Post-Partum Care

Birth is one of the most physically demanding events in a woman’s life and this mother doesn’t get to sit on the couch and recover afterwards! No - she must care for an infant. Physically carrying an infant, feeding for multiple hours per day, changing diapers and lack of proper sleep can leave Mom’s body feeling achy and sore. Taking away some of the physical stress allows Mom to be able to deal with the stresses of caring for an infant and can allow her to feel more like a person. Dr. Shannon suggests all new mothers get a structural check in around 2-4 weeks post-partum. 


Dr. Shannon works side by side with The Tummy Team to help you recover from diastasis recti. The chiropractic care for a patient with diastasis recti is much different. Do you have a diastasis? Click this link for a video on how to check yourself.   


Chiropractic care post-partum may help to:

  • improve healing time post delivery.

  • realign pelvic structures.

  • give postural support for nursing and caring for child.

  • decrease structural discomfort.

  • make you feel comfortable in your body post delivery. 


“I had been dealing with bad leg/back/neck pain for about 7 months and taking pain killers off and on and not seeming to get any long term relief from the pain. My doctor explained that my lower core had no muscle due to a surgery a few years ago. Between that and lousy posture I had no support from my lower off to The Tummy Team I went and it has been wonderful!! Within a few days of my first PT visit I was feeling much better..pain reduced by about 50%. Now after three sessions with Gillian for PT and a couple of sessions with Dr. Shannon working on my back and neck, I am about 90% better....all in one month time!! The Tummy Team does address the body/mind/soul connection. Everyone from the front desk to the doctors, etc are absolutely fabulous! For anyone having core issues.....this place has the answers and they treat you with respect and kindness!! The Tummy Team Rocks!”


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